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About Us

360 Photo Booth Crew is a Photo Booth Rental Company based in Brampton and serves the greater Toronto area (GTA). We are professionals committed to providing our clients with quality video production, reliable customer service. We use the newest hardware coupled with the most up to date software to deliver a spectacular video.  We work with clients to provide a package which fits their needs and supports their budget.


We are fully insured, which means if anyone is injured in the operation of our 360 booth, you are not liable. 

360 Photo Booth Crew Promise

Providing our clients and their guests with the best customer service is our primary goal.

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure the video production of your event is stunning. The brightest high quality LED light systems are used to ensure every shot is glamourous. We use the best software to produce high quality videos which can be quickly transfer from our system to your smart phone or compatible device.

What is a 360 Photo Booth &
How does it work?

360 Photo Booths are innovative and currently the hottest item at any party. There’s always excitement in the air as guests gather around our 360 Photo Booth to create a movie with family, friends and coworkers.

Videos are captured similarly to a movie production - lights, camera and action! Having your video captured like the celebrity you are on your special day provides a fun and exciting way for your guest to post your event on social media - showing all the fun the are having.

Our goal is to ensure everyone uses our 360 video/photo booth at their Birthday, Wedding, School, Corporate or any event no matter the size or budget.

On our 360 Photo Booth, Guests stand on the solid metal platform which can hold up to 5 adults. Then, the high definition 4k camera rotates around the guests capturing an HD video of the guests.

Guest choose how they want to be recorded - in slow motion, boomerang, or which ever capture mode they decide to choose. After the video has been recorded it is sent to the customer via air-drop, QR Code or SMS message.

The whole process is completed in about 3 minutes.

Our 360 Photo Booths are perfect for any social or corporate event, the movie production always brings out the best vibes, everyone gathers around and share the moment together creating an everlasting memory.

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